Repairs To Marine Structures: RCC Foundations Of Transmission Tower, Mumbai



  • RCC foundation of transmission tower line on Mumbai Cost Line
  • Alternate drying and wetting of RCC, creating flash zone leading to severe corrosion of steel reinforcement inside
  • General repair methods failed due to aggressive condition
  • Required repeated repairs
  • Difficult sites to approach - no approach road, electricity & sweet water


  • Surface Preparation by removing all loose materials and coating on RCC surface
  • Steel Treatment: Migratory corrosion inhibitor and protective steel coating were used
  • Concrete Impregnation was carried out by pressure grouting to ensure proper sealing of all cracks
  • Sectional Reconstruction was carried out by using bond coat followed by use of Polymer modified mortar or micro concrete
  • Fiber Wrapping on repaired surface
  • Protective Coating

Salient features:
25 nos. of towers were completed in duration of 15 months
All infrastructure were mobilized on site by Sanrachana
We are monitoring structure for last 5 years.
Repair systemis performing in excellent manner. No signs of any further damages are observed


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